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Ginger Intensive Processing Project
一、资源情况Resources Status
Rushan has a long history of planting ginger planted in over 370 villages from 14 towns with a planting area of approximately 3,500 hectares and a total output of 250,000 tons. Due to superior natural climatic conditions, Gingers produced in Rushan are provided with unique characteristics like relatively fleshy, big with golden color and less coarse fiber. Therefore, the gingers here are honored as one of “Three Treasures of Rushan”, approved by the national geographic trademark certification. Besides, there are also three ginger processing enterprises with a certain scale whose products include ginger in syrup, crystallized ginger, salted ginger, sushi ginger and so on.
二、项目建设内容Project Construction 
Priority will be given to the development of ginger as food, as tea drink, as health products, as flavoring products and as medicine in order to achieve the goal of ginger intensive processing eventually by means of sole investment, joint venture or cooperation.

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